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Series of Four Massage
Available for both 60 or 90 minute service lengths, purchasing a package of four massages is a smart investment in your well-being. You'll save 10% off the total cost of purchasing these services individually. With regular sessions, you not only enjoy immediate relaxation but also reap cumulative benefits. Consistency is key to addressing muscle tension, reducing stress, and promoting overall health. Save both time and money while committing to your self-care journey by securing a package of 4 massages.  Your body will thank you for the sustained care and attention it deserves. 

Series expires 16 weeks after day of purchase. Not applicable to other specials.


Series of Four Live Tarot Readings

Immerse yourself in a profound journey of self-discovery with our exclusive package of 4 tarot readings. This carefully crafted series offers a consistent and transformative exploration of your path, providing valuable insights at regular intervals. By investing in this package, you commit to a deeper understanding of yourself, allowing the mystical guidance of tarot to unfold gradually. Embark on this empowering journey and witness the positive impact of sustained introspection. Save 10% off total cost of services purchased individually.


Series expires 8 weeks after day of purchase. Not applicable to other specials.


60 minute dry brush and infared body wrap with papaya enzyme, 30 minute Apricot oil massage,with Rosewater eye, honey lavender lip, Rosemary hot oil scalp treatments. Full body exfoliation, application of an organic warm fruit acid mask, you'll be gently cocooned in a warming infrared blanket while receiving eye, lip,scalp, & foot scrub treatments. Followed by aromatherapy infused hot towel service & 30 minute massage with reflexology you'll emerge deeply relaxed and glowing from head to toe.


A unique fusion of relaxation and self-discovery. Immerse yourself in a 30-minute private Illumination service, setting the stage for a transformative 90-minute massage with Sound Therapy Chakra re-balancing. As the cards unfold insights and guidance, you'll embark on a journey of mental serenity and self-awareness, seamlessly transitioning into a blissful massage with sonic healing tailored to your newfound sense of harmony.

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