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The Healing Benefit of Choosing a Bespoke Spa

Updated: Jun 20

Ever wondered why a massage at a bespoke spa, like Soma Massage and Tarot, feels so much more healing? Let me break it down for you.

Personalized Attention

One of the biggest perks of a bespoke spa is the personalized attention you receive. Unlike generic subscription based massage centers, therapists here take the time to understand your specific needs and preferences. Each session is customized just for you, whether you're looking to relieve tension, reduce stress, or target specific pain points.

At Soma Massage and Tarot, you can feel the difference. Melissa truly cares about her clients and takes the time to build relationship with them. She knows the story of your body and works with you to live your best life. She has designed her offerings to give her clients the most time - the whole hour - with the best products available, without an endless list of up sells. The focus is on you and your well being.

High-Quality Environment

The environment at a bespoke spa is a game-changer. These spas offer a serene and luxurious atmosphere designed to enhance relaxation and promote healing. From soothing music to calming aromatherapy, every detail is crafted to create a peaceful escape.

The environment at Soma Massage and Tarot is verdant, warm and inviting. It is clear that a lot of thought and care went in to creating this space - you feel it when you're there.

Top Shelf Organic Products

Bespoke spas use only the highest quality, organic products, adding an extra layer of luxury and effectiveness to your treatment. Products like Causemedic CBD oil and Eminence skin care are staples at Soma Massage and Tarot. These premium products not only enhance the massage experience but also provide significant health benefits, promoting overall well-being and skin health.

Skilled Therapists

Therapists at bespoke spas are usually highly trained and experienced. They bring top-notch expertise to each session, ensuring you get the best possible care tailored to your needs. This level of skill makes a huge difference in the quality of your massage.

In the case of Soma Massage and Tarot, Melissa has ten years of massage experience to share with her clients. This is combined with 15 years experience as a personal trainer and body builder and nearly two decades of work and volunteerism in social services and has been studying and reading tarot for 42 years. Her skills are well rounded and she provides next level care.

Advanced Techniques

Bespoke spas typically offer a wider range of advanced massage techniques and treatments. Whether it’s deep tissue, hot stone, or specialized therapies, these advanced techniques provide more effective and targeted relief, making your massage experience truly exceptional.

Soma Massage and Tarot offers Hot and Cold stone therapies, Reflexology, Cranio Sacral, and Cupping. The services enhancements include Rosemary Hot Oil Scalp Treatment, Rosewater Eye brightener, Honey, Lavender and Brown Sugar lip scrub, Peppermint Lymphatic Drainage, Sound Therapy, and Illuminating Tarot Readings

Holistic Approach

Many bespoke spas adopt a holistic approach to wellness, which means they integrate various treatments and practices that address your mind, body, and spirit. This comprehensive approach enhances the overall healing experience and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.


Individualized Care

At bespoke spas, you’re not just another client on an assembly line. You’re treated with genuine concern and personalized attention. This individualized care makes the experience more comforting and effective, ensuring you leave feeling truly cared for.

In summary, the personalized care, skilled therapists, serene environment, advanced techniques, holistic approach, and exclusive amenities offered by Soma Massage and Tarot, a bespoke spa, combine to create an incredibly healing experience. So next time you’re considering a massage, why not treat yourself to the bespoke spa experience? Your body. spirit, and mind will thank you!

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